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Meet Richard

Artist - feel free to ask me something

The very beginning.

I moved to Finland shortly after graduating from University in Business and Marketing.  Not being one to follow the rules or the normal path, I jumped on a plane looking for an adventure.

My parents gave me a travel watercolour set to take with me saying it might be useful. After teaching for a year I joined Nokia but struggled on the smaller than expected salary. quite by accident friends noticed some of my watercolours and wanted to buy them. After a while I was allowed to put my first exhibition on within the corridors of the Nokia buildings. It is these sales that enabled me to fly too-and-fro from Finland to see family.

Richard J Hunt

The Statement

Richard demonstrates a unique combination of vibrant realism and modern abstract using many detailed layers.

Richard provides expansive space throughout his pieces for large swathes of abstract and flow. He is a self taught artist who has taken part in shows in Finland and the UK and his works can be found in several large collection both in Finland and the USA. 

A contemporary artist from Yorkshire, Richard J Hunt draws on an engineering drawing and professional photographic background. His work is a representation of his inherent interest in geometry and colour harmony and how this interplays with animal form and the environment around us.

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