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About Richard J Hunt

Richard Hunt is an international selling self taught artist based in East Yorkshire where he grew up. His art draws on an engineering drawing and professional photographic background and is a direct representation of his inherent interest in geometry and colour harmony and how this interplays with the environment around us.

Richards most recent works tend to be oil paintings over acrylic abstracts, which have always held a fascination to him.

"My parents gave me a travel watercolour set to take with me to Finland saying it might be useful. After teaching for a year I joined Nokia. Quite by accident, my friends noticed some of my watercolours and wanted to buy them. Soon afterwards I held my first exhibition within the corridors of the various Nokia buildings. It is these sales that enabled me to fly to-and-from Finland and ignited a lifelong pursuit of happiness"

Yorkshire Artist Richard J Hunt
British Artist Richard J Hunt
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Random Facts

  • I might be British but I never actually drink tea (revolting stuff!!!) However, I probably drink enough coffee (decaf these days) to float a small boat.

  • After university I spent 5 years living in Finland……it's a long story that I'll tell you about over a coffee should we ever meet. I did attend Helsinki university while I was there.

  • In my early years I was a Javelin thrower and did compete seriously.

  • I'm a dog lover and my current dog is a rescue called Amy

  • I held my first private art show in the Nokia offices in Tampere, Finland

  • Happier in the mountains and by the sea. I can't abide city life these days.

Amy my studio assistant.

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