I come from a very art orientated family. My mother studied art and continued to paint into her 70s and my Uncle was a master potter. I have always been creative from an early age but it manifested itself more musically.  


It was while I was at University that I saw the watercolours of a French exchange student.  I recall being mesmerised at just how fresh and vibrant the colours seemed.

My own foray into art though didn't come until after university when I decided it was time for an adventure and packed myself off to Finland ... as you do. No money, job or real life skills. Much to the dismay of my parents who gave me £150 cash, a return plane ticket and a small pocket set of Windsor and Newton watercolour paints with the sound advice that you never know they might come in useful. 

I spent the first couple of years in Helsinki after I found a job teaching English. Unfortunately, money was always tight and I took job with Nokia in the hope the financial situation would improve. The only problem I have to move further north to a city called Tampere.

When I arrived in January it was  -20C and i was ill prepared. The apartment was an old railwayman's  temporary house and it was completely unfurnished to my dismay. It was cold so cold inside that i had to boil water in the fireplace to defrost the water in the frozen toilet.

You'd be surprised but salaries weren't as good as most people imagined. I'd work during the day and then go home on a night time rummaging around in the neighbourhood recycling skips looking for anything that I could burn to put some warmth into the apartment and stop me from possibly freezing to death. Somedays I would print entire computer manuals off at work so i could take them home to give me something to burn. Spending the night a sleeping bag on a cold wooden floor in -10C to -20C.

There weren't things such as iPads  and I didn't own a TV so when it was daylight and at weekends I started painting using the small set my mother gave me.  I do not know how I knew I could paint or draw, I just did it. Maybe it was willpower and determination ,or desperation.  My friends saw my paintings and in no time I started selling everything I painted, which improved my situation no end.

Nokia's corridors were generally blank and sterile but It did enable me to showcase  and well my work.


Painting has always played an integral part of my life from local society exhibitions to art competitions. Art for me  has to be  more about just making a living. It allows me the opportunity to express my inner self.

Over the years my work has been bought throughout Europe and in the USA as well as been hung in some Blue Chip companies.

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