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Process & Materials

Palette Knife

80% of what I paint is done with palette knifes. Their versatility, just lends itself to a more gestural and free style of painting. I will supplement them with brushes, paint scrapers and other tools but I will always try to use a knife first.


Dependent on the subject, timeframe or client a number of the oil paintings will have an acrylic underpainting due to their quicker drying times.

Commissions are quite often 100% oil paintings.

Oil Paint

I only ever use professional grade oil paints. This ensure you get the best possible results and have an archival painting that will keeps is vibrancy for years to come. I tend to stick to brans such as Winsor and Newton, Sennelier and Schmincke


I paint on all types of surfaces, canvas, plywood boards, mdf. All canvases are primed before painting commences. All wooden surfaces are sealed with a polymer (usually GAC100) before then being primed. This ensure no discolouration from the wood will occur.

Acrylic Paint

The abstracts I have painted have typically always been acrylics. I used either Golden, or Winsor and Newton Galeria because of the guaranteed quality but also their textures.


All paintings will receive an initial varnish coat as soon as they are adequately dried.

Acrylic paintings will receive full varnishing before sale.

Oil paintings may require additional layers of varnish... this will be discussed with the particular client depending on the painting in question.


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