Grief and Art

For the last few months I haven't been painting much. My time was pretty much devoted to looking after my father whose health wasn't improving. Unfortunately on the 5th June, my father passed away. It has taken me a full month to process it because everything happened so suddenly.

What I was left with was a deep emptiness and depression but I suppose everyone goes through similar feelings with grief. I will always miss the most generous and caring man I have ever met but my dad taught me some great life lessons and always had sound advice.

A few days before he passed away my father told me to "never listen to the critics or those that try to tell you your art is bad."

I have missed painting these past months as it is therapeutic. But for once I have a type of artist block. Now that I am no longer in the flow I am left wondering what to paint, which is a new place for me to be in.

I believe the only way for me to break from this unknown territory is to just start painting anything and see where it leads me.

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