Things that irritate an Artist

Everyone thinks the life of an artist is one of ease. You paint a few pictures, hang them on a wall and drink champagne at a gallery opening. Only people in the business know just how much hard works goes into it. It is a business, and as an artist you can never forget that but on top of that you need to have a thick skin to cope with the rejection and criticism you will undoubtedly face during your career.

There are a few issues that irritate the hell out of me though:

Charitable Requests

I currently support Jerry Green Dogs Rescue which is close to my home. It has an added importance to me since it is where my Amy comes from and it was the charity my father used to support when he was alive. I like to support charities and causes that are important to me but I prefer to use my personal resources to support them.

Artwork is a very easy option for a charity to auction, with it being a physical product rather than an experience. I have no problem donating work to my given charities when I feel it will create benefit.

What does irritates me though is the volume of requests I get from organisations that I have never heard of or have any affiliation with. Recently, I had a gentleman knock on my door asking if I could donate work to the local kids football team because they haven't been able to fund raise during the pandemic. Well I have no kids and don't like football. On average I get 2 to 3 requests a month.

I don't think charities realise the time and resources that goes into creating art. They see the end result but not the time and effort that goes into its creation. They don't seem to realise that they are asking an artist (especially a professional one) to give away what could be several weeks of salary. Thankfully Jerry Greens collects the artwork but many don't even recompense the artist shipping etc etc. I would be more willing to help charities if they offered to cover the cost of materials from he proceeds of the sale of the artwork.

Acquaintances wanting paintings for free

It doesn't happen as often these days but occasionally you'll meet someone who will ask me to paint their portrait or do them a painting "for free." My family and friends know better than to ask for paintings. The last request told me I should do their portrait because it would be "good practice". GRRRRRRR As you can imagine I never painted it and our connection was very short lived. Giving things away for free (charity donations are not included in this) devalues your art and brands because it shows you don't put value on it yourself.

Website Sharks

Simple the sheer and utter volume of people and companies contacting me trying to sell me web services, design services, logo services, and most of them seem to come from India at the moment. I get at least one approach EVERY single day. There will never be a time that I will outsource anything I do or need abroad.

Haggling client

I never thought I would experience this but earlier in 2021 I had a potential customer try to haggle me down on price. I was stunned by the simple cheek the person had. I thought he was joking at first but it soon became clear he had no intention of paying the price tag. I didn't succumb and quickly got shot of him. That is not the type of customer I was or need.

Don't get me wrong I love being an artist and part of the vibrant Art community. I will continue to share my knowledge and expertise with those around me. It is just sometimes it can be infuriating but we all have those times.

Take Care


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