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Do we need art heroes?

Every Artist Absolutely, Positively, 100% Needs Art Heroes (Seriously, It’s Not Up for Debate)

divine proportions
Da Vinci Vitruvian Man

Hey there, fellow creatives, art buyers or anyone else reading this! Let’s talk about something super important today: art heroes. You know, those larger-than-life figures who make you want to grab your paintbrush, your palette knife, or camera and just go to town creating masterpieces? Yeah, those guys.

Art Inspiration

Now, I know what you might be thinking. “Why do I need art heroes? I’m perfectly capable of making my own stuff, thank you very much.” I hear you. In the past I had the same reaction. But humour me for a sec, okay? Because let me tell you, having art heroes in your life is like having a really awesome support group that never judges your questionable taste in music.

First off, let’s talk about inspiration. You ever stare at a blank canvas or a blinking cursor for what feels like eons, desperately trying to summon the muse? Yeah, me too. But here’s the thing: art heroes are like walking, talking muse magnets. They’ve got this magical aura of creativity that just rubs off on you. One look at their mind-blowing work, and suddenly you’re itching to create something equally mind-blowing (or at least mildly impressive).

And it’s not just about being inspired to create; it’s about aiming high. Art heroes set the bar sky-high with their jaw-dropping talent and innovation. They’re like the Olympic athletes of the art world, except instead of medals, they win our undying admiration and envy. But here’s the beauty of it: by striving to reach their level, we push ourselves to grow and improve as artists. It’s like a friendly competition where everyone wins (except maybe our egos, but hey, who needs those anyway?).

Art Learning

Now, let’s talk about the learning part. You ever watch a tutorial on YouTube and think, “Man, I wish I could paint like...” or “I want to sculpt like…., but without the whole painting-the-Sistine-Chapel-on-my-back thing”? Yeah, me too. But here’s the kicker: we can! Okay, maybe not exactly like them, because let’s face it, we are all different. But by studying the techniques of our art heroes, we can pick up some seriously handy skills and tricks of the trade. It’s like having a secret arsenal of artistic superpowers, except instead of fighting crime, we’re just making really cool stuff.

And let’s not forget about the cultural and historical context. Some of our art heroes aren’t just random people who happen to be really good at art; they’re cultural icons, time travellers, and history makers all rolled into one. By learning about their lives and the eras they lived in, we gain a deeper understanding of the world around us. Plus, it’s just fun to geek out over art history trivia at pub quizzes.

Support System

Last but not least, having art heroes in your corner is like having a built-in support system. They’re like the big brothers and sisters of the art world, cheering you on from the sidelines and giving you a virtual fist bump when you nail that tricky perspective or finally figure out how to blend colors without making mud. It’s like having a squad of creative geniuses who always have your back, even when you’re doubting yourself.

So there you have it, folks. Art heroes: they’re not just for superheroes and comic book nerds. They’re for every artist out there who’s ever dreamed of making something amazing. So go ahead, find your art heroes, soak up their wisdom, and let their awesomeness propel you to new heights of creativity.

My own art heroes

I must admit I prefer Hannah's earlier works than her more recent pieces. Personally I think it's the abstract backgrounds. I had dabbled with palette knives for some time and was quite happy with the results. Then I happened to see some of Hannah's works and was so impressed…."so that's what it can look like" If I could afford one of her paintings I'd love it but they are way out of my reaches at the moment.

Sophie's work bowl me over every time I see them. the drama, photo realism and technique is awe inspiring. Like Hannah Shergold, Sophie Green is also a true wildlife advocate and philanthropist donating a % of their works to charitable causes.

I have always had a keen interest in portraiture. I first became of his work though his works in the National Portrait Gallery in London. a combination of realism and outlines than make the viewer think and fill in the pieces. While I believe some of portraiture can be taught, I believe the subtleties that underly truly ingenious portraits come from a real sympathy and understanding with the sitter that can't be taught.

  • Leonardo da Vinci

What more really needs to be said he developed art as we know it beyond what anyone could ever expect. In addition he was a brilliant mind and inventor. A true inspiration and a man before his time.

There are numerous great artists out there. Some even do excellent courses and videos on platforms like YouTube but art is subjective. The artists you admire have to be able to resonate with something inside each and every one of us.

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