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I am open for private commissions and I also have a long track record of working with Interior Designers for their respective clients.  To discuss a commission prospect please click the button below.   

GSD German Shepherd painting


Project Description

A brief discussion will take place to outline the commission and an initial price will be agreed. Following this I will provide a quote.  Should this be acceptable I will provide a basic contract for us both to agree and sign. This not only safeguards myself from people who are not serious but ensures I deliver on what is agreed. 

Contract: Typically the contract gives a loose description of everything we verbally agreed on (the size, colours, materials, subject matter, and other details of the composition), basic timeframes, progress photos and a price for the work

Payment: I will require a 50:50 payment structure, requiring you to pay 50% upfront and the rest when the artwork is finished. Paying in advance is important, as it allows me to purchase any additional materials, bespoke size canvases or boards, and cover any other initial expenses.


Creative Process

Dependant upon the artwork I may require photographs, reference materials or arrange a sitting with the subject.  I will  send photographic updates or let you see the physical working progress. With timeframes I will give clear indications of when i believe it will be ready.

layered abstract underpainting
Palette knife portrait


Drying Times and Framing

Oil Paintings have a much longer drying time than acrylics. Please bare this in mind. Oil paintings can have an initial barrier varnish, when they are touch dry in 4 to 6 weeks. and will require further varnishing when they are fully dried. This can be anywhere for 6 months to 1 year. This can be discussed later.  Framing can be arranged but will be an additional cost and is often down to a client's personal taste or room's decor.  I am available for advice throughout the process



In the UK shipping is included within the price quoted and will either be delivered personally, or via a reputable art courier.  On delivery, please ensure you inspect the artwork immediately upon receipt.

If the artwork is going abroad the client is responsible for 100% of any tax or duties incurred. Artwork cannot be returned for a refund. The artwork will have been fully insured before dispatch. Should any damage have occurred the client will need to take the matter up with the art courier.

abstract painting in a living room
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